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Tailored Financial Solutions from Orange Freightliner

We offer fast finance approvals through our dedicated finance assessment team at Orange Freightliner who appreciate the needs of Freightliner buyers. Our competitive pricing and flexible finance contract terms, with the option of repayment holidays#, are just a few of the reasons why Freightliner Finance is for you.

As a customer, we will tailor a plan to suit your requirements and offer a suite of financing options that meet your individual needs.

Our Finance Product Features:

  • Flexible Terms: 12-60 months for all Freightliner Trucks
  • Final Balloon Payment/Residual Value available on all finance contracts
  • Fixed interest rates with no ongoing monthly fees, your interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan term.
  • Structured Payments, we can tailor payments to suit your cash flow requirements

Our Business Loans

Our Business Loans

Asset Hire Purchase

A business solution when vehicle ownership is important

Asset-Hire Purchase is designed for business customers who ultimately want to own their vehicle at the conclusion of the contract term.


  • Ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract term
  • Little or no deposit required
  • Optional final balloon payment to reduce monthly instalments^
  • Flexible terms 12-84 months available
  • Available for both new and used vehicles^
Our Business Loans

Asset Loan

The benefits of vehicle ownership without the outlay

With an Asset Loan - commonly referred to as a Chattel Mortgage - vehicle ownership is transferred to you at the commencement of your finance contract.


  • Reduced monthly payments by increasing the deposit
  • Optional final balloon payment
  • Final balloon payment may be refinanced
  • Available for both new and used vehicles^
  • May offer tax benefits*
Our Business Loans

Finance Lease

The flexible way to lease

A Finance Lease is a rental agreement offering fixed monthly payments for the period of the contract, with the addition of a residual value negotiated at the start of the term. At the end of the term you can make an offer to purchase, or re-lease your vehicle, or upgrade to a brand new vehicle - the choice is yours.


  • Immediate use of the vehicle without a substantial outlay
  • Fixed monthly payments make it easier to track your expenses.
  • May offer Tax benefits*
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Operating Lease

The flexible way to lease

A Freightliner Finance Operating Lease enables you to manage your vehicle without having to purchase outright. We can tailor solutions to suit your financial needs including finance contract terms with the flexibility of choosing your annual kilometres.

An Operating Lease is suitable for individuals and businesses who regularly upgrade their vehicle. You gain the benefit of off balance sheet, competitive monthly rentals that may be fully tax deductible.1Furthermore, Freightliner Finance removes the liability associated with your vehicle’s value at the end of the finance term, because you hand the vehicle back with no further financial obligation apart from any excess kilometre charges, or any damage outside of fair wear and tear2.


A Freightliner Finance Operating Lease covers the cost of acquiring and financing you Freightliner truck via fixed monthly lease repayment. The following items are standard inclusions:  

  • Finance costs
  • Finance contract stamp duty
  • Truck pre-delivery costs
  • Optional extras+ it’s your choice

With your increasing workload we know how challenging it is to manage your truck and keep on top of all the servicing and maintenance needs. That’s why we have created the flexibility of choosing from different servicing and maintenance packages;  

  • Service Plans BestBasic
  • Service Plans Select
  • Service Plans Select Plus
  • Service Plans Complete

Learn more about Service Plans here.

Any of these packages can be added to your Operating Lease finance contract. All service and maintenance packages ensure guaranteed genuine Freightliner parts. Your Operating Lease contract will be taking care of your Freightliner truck servicing and maintenance costs for the term of your finance contract with minimal effort. All your scheduled servicing and maintenance costs are included, no matter what happens to parts or labour prices in the future. You have set monthly payments that won’t change for the duration of your contract.


While our Operating Lease contract is designed to give you peace of mind, there will naturally be some things that are not covered. Some of exclusions are listed below^:  

  • Accident damage
  • Bodywork, paintwork, associated refurbishment or betterment
  • Daily maintenance checks and topping of lubricant levels between services
  • Repairs under warranty (these are covered within the warranty period)
  • Repairs outside of fair wear and tear
  • Driver abuse or unfair wear and tear
  • Provision of courtesy or replacement vehicle

^Freightliner Finance is a registered business of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ACN 074 134 517 AFSL 247271 (MBFSAu). MBFSAu offers finance products for new and used vehicles up to 8 years old. All Finance products, balloon/residual refinances are restricted to approved business customers of Freightliner Finance and subject to standard credit assessment and lending criteria. Please contact Orange Freightliner for full terms and conditions.
*MBFSAu makes no representation as to the effect of any financial product on your personal or company tax arrangements and recommends you seek independent financial, taxation and legal advice before entering into any finance agreement.
1 Freightliner Finance Operating Lease is available to approved business customers of Freightliner Finance, a registered business name of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 73 074 134 517 (MBFSAu). Standard credit assessment and lending criteria apply.
2 The Freightliner Truck Operating Lease Fair Wear & Tear Guide (FW&T Guide) is provided with your lease documents or, upon request. Full details on Inclusions and Exclusions are available in the FW&T Guide. Please contact an authorised Freightliner Truck dealer for full details, including vehicle eligibility.
+ Operating Lease Optional Extras and Service Plans cover packages are provided by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd ACN 004 411 410.
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